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Free UK shipping on orders over £100

The new F-One
Foiling Collection
is out now

The Foiling Collective is  dedicated to all foiling specific sports offering a range of equipment for sale throughout the UK. We sell hydrofoils, kite wings and kites from some of the biggest brands around, whether you’re into kite foiling, SUP foiling, foil surfing or the latest wing surfing, our mission is to get you out and riding with the best equipment around.

We have hydrofoils and foil wings from F-One, Slingshot, Ozone and Axis. Foil boards from Ride Engine and Starboard (coming soon!). We also sell wetsuits and harnesses from Manera and accessories from Surf Logic. Our knowledge and experience extends from years in the sport and we’re happy to talk through anything before you consider making a purchase. 

Foil your dream

New Ride Engine foil boards

Foil your dream

New Ride Engine

All about us

Hi we’re Jimmy and Matt – avid kitesurfers, SUP-ists and more recently, wing surfers and hydrofoilers! Always up for a challenge, especially on the water, we got into foiling after realising the potential it has for more time on the water, particularly on the south east coast when conditions do not always deliver as they do along other coast lines in England.

Between us we have nearly 40 years of experience in riding. We love learning new variations of this sport and love even more pushing each other to take on the next challenge. We also love to travel for the sport and are lucky enough to be part of The Ultimate Test organised by The Kite Mag.

Hydrofoiling in the UK

There is incredible scope for hydrofoiling in the UK whether on the sea, inland waters or estuaries.

The possibilities of where and when to foil are only beginning to be fully opened up and it depends massively on what foiling discipline you are undertaking.