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You will usually find us in the south east, at Camber, Hythe or even Margate so if you’re down our way then give us a shout and feel free to join our Facebook community!


I have been kitesurfing since 2003. Since then I have had years of experience in the watersports industry including managing a shop, running a kite school, repairing kites and surf wings (jimmys kite repairs) and writing for magazines. It was through kitesurfing that I developed a love of foiling.

In 2017 I started to kitefoil and despite a tough first month feeling like I was having to relearn everything I got well and truly bitten by the bug. Shortly after this I had my first attempts at SUP foiling and after an intense weekend with over 10 hours in the water this has become a passion.

This year has seen yet another foiling avenue open up and when it is windy I am out foiling on my kitewing. I am now well and truly addicted and always on the look out for some foiling opportunities and escapades.

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I started kitesurfing 19 years ago in Australia. We only had 2-line kites at the start, so all the depower came from your board edging ability! I ended up home converting mine to 4-line using cable ties and old spares.

I have spent time kiting in many places around the world, some of my favourites were Coche in Venezuela and La Morne in Mauritius. I taught for a while a few years ago and have tried most variations of kitesurfing.

A couple of years ago I started to get into kite foiling and loved it. I had already spent time riding waves on a SUP, so it seemed a natural progression to stick a foil on the bottom of that. Last spring I saw the first Kite Wings being used with foils and had to try it!

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