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How to Kite Foil

Produced by Alex Buss at Kitesurf College the Kite Foil Series range of free online tutorials aims to make the clearest tutorials, to support people during lessons, and keep them safe after lessons.

Alex has been producing quality instruction for years and has produced tons of tutorials and trick videos on his YouTube channel. Additional content and advert free viewing is offered with membership.

If you prefer a hands on session then book a Kite Foil lesson with The Foiling Collective.

Kite Foil: Bodydrag, taxi, first flights, gear

00:00  Carrying, handling and body dragging etc
01:13  Balance, weight distribution, depowering the hydrofoil & surface riding (taxiing), and hand transitions.
06:23  Short safe practice flights, ascending and descending the hydrofoil
07:55  Longer hydrofoil flights and speed control
09:14  How to crash and how NOT to crash
10:07  Basic tips for the safest equipment and conditions

Kite Foil: Jibes & Turning Principles PART 1

This tutorial explains jibes in detail. It covers heelside to toeside jibes, as well as toeside to heelside jibes.

The tutorial explains kite control, and hydrofoil control, and explains the mistakes you may be making.

The next step is to learn taxi footswaps, then foil footswaps, after that you can look at more advanced jibes covered in Jibes Part 2.

Kite Foil: Taxi Footswap (Switching Stance)

This guide explains how to switch stance while taxiing (while not riding on the foil). It explains the switch from toeside stance into heelside stance and the switch from heelside stance in toeside stance. The video explains the simplest and slowest way to do this, using the kite to support your weight.

Also, numerous mistakes are examined to help you troubleshoot your own technique, plus a faster version of the switch is explained to help you prepare for more advanced tricks.

Kite Foil: Foiling Footswap (Switching Stance)

This tutorial explains switching your stance whilst on the foil. It explains switching between toeside stance and heelside stance while foiling. This is for people who can do the taxi footswap reliably.

Kite Foil: 360 Tutorial

This guide explains the kite foil 360 in detail. The 360 is a non aerial backroll, which basically means you ride the foil around a full circle. This tutorial explains the kite control, board control, training steps and analyses some mistakes.

Kite Foil: Heel to Toe Tack

00:00  Intro
00:30  Kite Control
02:24  Full Walkthrough
04:24  Kite Control Mistakes
06:14  How to roll from heelside lean to toeside lean
08:22  Board Control Mistakes
09:44  Training Steps
12:39  Saving an amateur tack with yaw steering

Kite Foil: Sitting on the Foil

This tutorial explains in detail how to sit down while on the foil. It looks at kite control, board control, weight distribution, training steps and standing back up.

Kite Foil: How to Jump

This tutorial explains jumping with a kite foil in detail, including small jumps, launch techniques, mistakes and mid size jumps.

Kite Foil: How to Backroll

0:00  Intro and pre-requisites
0:40  Kite control demonstration
1:06  Walkthrough (left foot forward)
2:36  Right foot forwards example & slow-mo
3:13  Rotation tips & mistakes
4:22  Landing tips & mistakes

Kite Foil: How to Frontroll

0:00  Intro and pre-requisites
0:24  Kite control demonstration
0:47  Walkthrough (left foot forward)
2:15  Right foot forwards example & slow-mo
2:43  When to add rotation
3:39  Landing tips & mistakes