How to Wing Foil

We are super stoked to be collaborating with Alex at Kitesurf College on his debut How to Wing Foil series. This guy has been producing quality instruction for years and has produced tons of tutorials and trick videos on his YouTube channel. With our joint expertise and experience, you’ll be able to learn to wing foil in no time!

We’ll be adding all the wing foil tutorials here so be sure to check back regularly.

If you prefer a hands on session then book a Wing Foil lesson with The Foiling Collective.

How to Wing Foil: Introduction (from wing handling to first flights)

00:00  Wing control basics
05:22  Carrying and paddling your gear
06:53  Taxiing on your knees
08:52  Knee taxi jibe (turning around)
09:41  How to stand up
11:04  Taxiing while standing
12:24  Standing taxi jibe and footswaps
14:12  First flights on the foil
16:34  Failure to take off
17:52  Foil control and longer flights
21:02  Pumping take off

Wing Foil Jibe / Gybe: Heel to Toe, Common Mistakes, Toe to Heel & Training Tips

00:00  Heelside to toeside jibe
02:38  Apparent wind issues
04:31  Roll angle issues
05:50  Speed issues
07:25  Toeside to heelside jibe
09:16  Training steps & tips

Wing Foil Pumping / Light-Wind Take Off (all steps from basic to advanced)

00:00  Linear wing-only pump
01:13  Cyclical wing pump
01:50  Full-body cyclical pump
02:24  How cyclical pumps help
04:58  Final step: alternating foot pressure
07:08  Full technique run through
09:00  Wing and board angle tips