Wing Surf Lessons

Wing Surf Group

Group wing surf lessons are 2.5 hours long for 2-4 people. Participants must book at the same time.

From £60 per person

Wing Surf 1-2-1

With a wing surf 1-2-1 lesson the focus is all on you for a whole 2 hours! Benefit from our cheaper weekday price.

From £110 per person

Wing Foil 1-2-1

Wing foil lessons are 2 hours and include a safety boat. Please only book if you are a competent wing surfer.

From £150 per person

So you’ve heard the hype about wing surfing and wing foiling and seen some cool riders on the internet. Now it’s time to give wing surfing a try! Our BKSA affiliated wing foil and wing surf school is based on Littlestone Beach in Kent on the south east coast of England, where we have perfect flat water conditions to learn.

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Learn with us ...

Our BKSA qualified instructors Jimmy and Matt can set you up with everything you need and provide wing surf and wing foil lessons for beginners upwards.

and grow with us

We offer rental equipment when you’re happy to go it alone as well as coaching and progression sessions to improve your technique or learn new tricks!

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Wing Surf

Our Wing Surf lessons are the perfect introduction for anyone new to wing sports or for progressing your skills!

Opt for a 1-2-1 if you are on your own or want a fast track ticket to progression! You’ll get a full on 2 hours with a dedicated instructor.

Choose a 2.5 hour Group lesson if you want to share the experience with mates. The more of you, the cheaper the price per person! Maximum 4 people per instructor.

Go for a 2 hour Taster if you’re keen to find out just what wing surfing has to offer. This is a group session with up to 8 people and sharing equipment.

Wing Surf

The focus is all on you
£ 110 / 130 WEEKDAY - WEEKEND
  • 2 hours
  • 1 person

Wing Surf

Must book at the same time
£ 60-80 PER PERSON
  • 2.5 hours
  • 2-4 people

Wing Surf

Come give it a try!
  • 2 hours
  • Maximum 8 people

Wing Foil

Once you’ve mastered wing surfing the next step is wing foiling!

We offer wing foiling lessons for anyone who has achieved wing surfing and now wants to feel the glide. These sessions are run in deeper water with continuous dedicated instruction from a safety boat and includes taxi rides back upwind!

Wing Foil

Up your foiling game!
£ 150 / 170 WEEKDAY - WEEKEND
  • 2 HOURS
  • Riding a foilboard
  • The rise and glide
  • Up and down wind
  • Turning on the foil
  • Continuous instruction
  • Safety boat

How to Wing Foil: Introduction (from wing handling to first flights)

Check out our tutorial videos for quality instruction and valuable advice. Produced by Kitesurf College in collaboration with The Foiling Collective.

Where to find us


Wing surfing is using a SUP board with an inflatable wing to sail across the wind. This is perfect for when the conditions are too windy to just stand up paddleboard.

Wing foiling is using a hydrofoil with your board to rise and glide above the water. This is more challenging but great fun!

We teach on Littlestone Beach in Kent on the south east coast of England. Littlestone is easily accessed by the M20 motorway and only 1 hour on the high speed train from London.

Not at all! We can teach total beginners to wingsurf  as well as intermediate riders looking to improve their technique. We only ask that you are a proficient swimmer and aged 18 or over for insurance reasons. Contact us if you want to discuss your ability with us first. If you are under 18 then contact us to discuss teaching options.

We are approximately 1 hour from London. Take the high speed train from St Pancras to Ashford International, which takes 40 minutes and is the best station for Littlestone. There is then a 20 minute car or taxi to the beach. We can arrange taxis for you if required.

Nothing at all. We will provide a wetsuit, helmet, buoyancy aid and all the wingsurf equipment. You are also welcome to bring your own wetsuit or helmet if you have one it’s up to you. We recommend you bring some food and water and a towel for after your lesson.

Absolutely! There is a variety of accommodation in and around Littlestone. Please contact us for recommendations or search airbnb.

We are also working on accommodation partnerships in order to offer discounts for our students.. we’ll provide any updates here.

When you arrive one of our instructors will run through an introduction. You’ll spend around 20-30 mins on the shore going over safety aspects and signals, kite wing mechanics and flying the kite wing. You’ll then spend 1.5 – 2 hours in the water.

The group prices already includes a discount which increases with more people.

We occasionally run promotional offers on and Taster sessions. Sign up below or like our page on Facebook to hear about the latest deals and offers.

We try to plan lessons based on weather forecasts plus our local knowledge of the area. We’ll always  confirm the day before your lesson is booked whether or not the conditions are safe. We are very lucky in this area and rarely need to cancel a lesson but if we do (as mother nature has other plans) we’ll inform you before the day your lesson is booked with as much notice as possible and happily arrange another date/time for your lesson.

Yes you can and what a thoughtful person you are! A wing surf lesson is a perfect gift for anyone who is into their watersports, loves finding new challenges or just likes having fun. Buy our gift vouchers.

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