Foiling Spots

South East UK

The south east is one of the windiest areas in the UK and there are a multitude of beaches for wing surfing, SUP foiling and kite foiling in Kent.

Kite foiling

Camber Sands
You can kitesurf around three hours either side of low water here at the eastern (Broomhill Sands) end. Camber tends to pick up the wind and can blow through stronger than expected. It works from westerly to easterly with anything southerly in between. Provided it isn’t dead onshore you can body drag out to deep water although Camber tends to have more breaking waves that can make it more difficult.

This is an ideal beach, the fact it is a shelving beach means you are straight into deep water. All tide states can be kitesurfed although you have to be careful to time your way out through the shore dump. It works from a south westerly wind to easterly.

This is best suited for foiling at high tide. Low tide means a long walk and long drag out to get depth for the foil. At high tide it does get deep quickly and works best about an hour and a half either side of high. It works from northerly to southerly with anything easterly between.

Much like Hythe another deep shelving beach that can be used at any tide state. It works with any wind that has easterly in it.

Pegwell & Undercliffe
At high tide Pegwell can be kitesurfed and is best from a south westerly through to easterly. It offers flat water but after high tide it gets shallow quickly. At low tide a short hop up to Undercliife offers a low tide option in the same bay.

Surf / SUP foiling

The south east is not a wave mecca, however, when the conditions align there are some fun waves to be had. The two main beaches are Camber Sands and Joss Bay. Camber Sands offers some fun waves with the sand bars offer the best prospects. In the right conditions you can catch a wave on the outer sand bar and then surf the reform in. It works best on westerly swells when the wind switches offshore. Joss Bay is on the east coast of Kent and works on sand bars and reef so care must be taken but works best in northerly swells.

Wing surf

Wing surfing is still in its infancy and establishing which spots work best is up for debate. Deep water spots like Hythe and deal offer lots of potential. There are also various inland lakes that could work well. However, beaches with a shore break make it very difficult and unless there is a flat water route out.

Jimmy and Matt wing surfing
Matt & Jimmy wing surfing at Camber

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