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Starter Wing Foil Package

Only £1,999.00

Loads of options. One price!
Best priced Starter Wing Foil Package
Not sure what to get? Contact us for expert advice.

Choose your foil
We recommend the GS 1550 if you're under 75kg or opt for the GS 1850 if 75+ kg
Now select a board
Boards are based on litres and your ideal first board is 20-40L above your bodyweight in kg. If you have no experience or want an easier learning curve then go high. If you're learning in flat conditions then maybe go lower!
Pick your wing
Now choose a wing. We recommend a 4.2m if you're under 65kg, 5m if 65-80kg or 6m for 65+ kg. Go up 1m if you're learning inland.
Add a board leash
Add a wing pump
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Looking for a Wing Foil Package but not sure where to start? Use our suggestions above to guide you through the perfect Starter Wing Foil Package or contact us for expert advice.

At just £1,999 for whatever you choose you can’t go wrong!

KONRAD FLYR Glide Series Foil

The KONRAD Flyr Glide Series foil is mid aspect and an easy glider for downwinding, winging or flat water pumping. The stability will leave you thinking it is not fast, wait till you check your stats! This foil is a good entry for riders wanting to broaden their foil horizons to new terrain.

We recommend the GS 1550 if your weight is under 75kg or opt for the GS 1850 if weigh more than 75kg.

Wing Foil Boards

Boards are based on litres and your ideal first board is 20-40L above your bodyweight in kg. If you have no experience or want an easier learning curve then go higher. If you’re learning in flat conditions or already have some experience then you could go lower.

Straps aren’t necessarily a consideration whilst you’re learning but it might be something you want to add as you improve.

The following board options vary in shape and size but your main focus is the volume. Feel free to contact us if you’re not sure which board would be the best option for you.

SLINGSHOT Wing Craft 75 5’0 152.4 cm 75 L Yes
SLINGSHOT Wing Craft 90 5’6 167.6 cm 90 L Yes
F-ONE Rocket Wing ASC 5’5 5’5 x 27″ 165 x 68.5 cm 90 L No
F-ONE Rocket Wing ASC 5’10 5’10 x 29″ 178 x 73.5 cm 110 L No
NAISH S26 Hover GS 125 6’4 x 31″ 193 x 78.7 cm 125 L Yes
F-ONE Rocket Wing ASC 6’2 6’2 x 31″ 188 x 79 cm 130 L No
ENSIS Rock N Roll Air 5’10 x 31″ 180 x 80 cm 145 L No

KONRAD Wingman

The outline of the KONRAD Wingman has been tuned for minimal span of wing and strut length. The shorter strut allows for greater ease during spinning manoeuvres and light wind gybing and flagging. This is a great wing for stability, range and ease of use.

We recommend a 4.2m if you weigh under 65kg, a 5m if between 65-80kg or a 6m for 65+ kg. A general rule of thumb is to up 1m if you’re learning inland.


Not all boards come with leashes and wings are generally sold without a pump so if you don’t already have these in your kit then it’s worth adding them to your Wing Foil Starter Packager.

Now you’re all set to start your wing foil journey!

Who are Konrad?

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Australian based Konrad Boarding is a brand built on a lifetime of sailing and surfing.  Dedicated to making the best products, the team sources the highest quality materials and utilises cutting-edge tech for prototyping and manufacturing.

With over 12 years of kitesurfing and foiling experience, a rich background in design, the products are made by the rider for the rider.

All development is done in-house for wings, boards and foils in the Sydney R&D facility.


We are continuing to trade through the Covid-19 pandemic following the government issued guidelines.

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