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FLITE Flitescooter eFoil

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Revolutionising watersports

The FLITEBOARD Flitescooter Series 3 lets you feel the freedom of flying over water, with handlebars for balance and stability. Even with no experience, you’ll be eFoiling in minutes. Flitescooter opens up a world of fun for anyone. Perfect for yachts, resorts and families.

Minimum learning curve, maximum fun. Go faster and carve harder for an exciting ride or cruise at a relaxing speed.


  • Learn to eFoil in minutes. Removable handlebars and an inflatable board provide so much stability, you can simply step on and go.
  • Manage your speed with a thumb throttle and view ride data on Flite Controller, all built into removable handlebars.
  • Our wireless safety key uses Bluetooth technology to recognise when you‚Äôre not on the board and immediately cuts off the power.
  • Flitescooter is a quiet, environmentally friendly alternative to a jet ski and much more fun to ride. Go on adventures or use it as a tender.
  • Designate ‚Äòsafe areas‚Äô prior to riding via Flite App. Get an alert and slow to a safe speed when you venture beyond your Fly Zone.
  • With over 50,000 sessions logged and 10,000 Flitecells sold, we offer the safest experience with an average ride time of 1.5 hours.

Why buy from TFC?

  • We provide you with additional tools to ensure you have everything you need to maintain your eFoil.
  • We include a set up tutorial with tips we’ve gained from running a Fliteschool and Service Centre.
  • We test your eFoil, controller, Flitecell and charger to make sure they are working correctly plus we carry out any software updates where required.
  • LEARN TO FLY! We include a free eFoil lesson OR free first service with every Fliteboard purchase.
  • We never just leave you to it! We are always on hand for technical support and expert knowledge.

What’s in the box

  • Fliteboard Scooter Board 237L
  • Flite Jet Propulsion Series 3
  • 60cm (24″) Mast
  • Cruiser 1800 wing set
  • Flite Controller and Safety Key
  • Flitecell Sport with carry case (optional upgrade to Flitecell Explore)
  • Standard Charger 13.5A IC650 with carry case (optional upgrade to Premium Charger 25A IC1200)
  • eFoil Case
  • Fliteboard Board Bag
  • Tools and hardware

All Fliteboard eFoil set ups come with a 2 year warranty as standard (including the Flitecell). Regular servicing is required.

**Please read our Terms before purchasing a Fliteboard**

The Fliteboard Series 3 eFoil System is not compatible with Fliteboard Series 1 or the Flite Controller Series 1.


Board Specification

Construction Size & Weight (no battery) Volume Max Rider Weight
Inflatable PVC + Carbon Core 213 cm x 88 cm x 15 cm | 15.5 kg 237L 120 kg


The Flitecell is more than just the most durable portable marine battery on the market. It’s a major pillar powering Flite’s success.

Flitecell lid on‘Flitecell Titanium’ is the strongest, most robust and advanced power solution.

  • Signature titanium plates make Flitecell highly resistant to any form of corrosion, while increasing impact resistance.
  • Battery safety has always been a number one priority, and Flite has developed a number of proprietary safety measures including sight glass and magnetic on/off.
  • Using the same premium quality 21700 cells as utilised in high power applications such as hypercars, providing incredible performance. Flitecell helps deliver speeds of up to 55kmph (34mph / 29knots).
  • The Flitecell Explore can be charged in under 2 hours with the Premium 25A IC1200 Charger or 3 hours using the Standard 13.5A IC650 Charger.


Model Weight Ampere Hours KW Hours Nominal Voltage High Voltage Low Voltage Run time*
Sport 10.6 kg 30 AH 1.6 KWh 52v Nominal 58.8v 42v Foil up to 80 mins (Prop)

Foil up to 75 mins (Jet)

Explore 14.5 kg 40 AH 2.1 KWh 52v Nominal 58.8v 42v Foil up to 113 mins (Prop)

Foil up to 107 mins (Jet)

*Foil time based on an 80kg rider with recommended set up

Please read our Terms before purchasing a Fliteboard


Delivery & Costs

Delivery to mainland UK is free. Please contact us for delivery to UK islands and Northern Ireland.

We keep a variety of efoil and board colour options in stock and aim to deliver your order within 2-3 working days of it being placed (subject to payment authorisation).

If you order something we do not currently hold in stock it can take approx. 10 working days for delivery, however, we will always do our best to shorten this time wherever possible.

All quoted delivery times are based on standard working days (Mon-Fri) and excludes public holidays.

See our Delivery Terms for more information.

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Top Speed:26kmh / 16mph29kmh / 18mph32kph / 20mph
Range:6-8 miles12-18 miles20-32 miles
Charge Time:80-120 minutes110-225 minutes200 minutes (90 min with GT Hypercharger)
Battery:NMC Lithium-ionNMC Lithium-ionNMC Lithium-ion
App:Provides live speed, battery life, mileage, ride style, community features and diagnostics
Brakes:Regenerative BrakingRegenerative BrakingRegenerative Braking
Motor:750W Hypercore Hub Motor750W Hypercore Hub Motor750W Hypercore Hub Brushless Motor
Tyre:10.5in x 6.5-6in Vega10.5in x 4.5-6in Onewheel11.5in x 6.5-6.5in Onewheel
Remote Control:No Remote – Lean and goNo Remote – Lean and goNo Remote – Lean and go
Lighting:LED strip for battery status and in-ride alertsLED strip for battery status and in-ride alertsIntelligent LED Lights – White Front and Red Rear
Sensors:Solid state MEMS 6-DOFSolid state MEMS 6-DOFSolid State MEMS 6-DOF

8.75 x 10.5 x 27 inches
(222 x 266 x 689 mm)

8.75 x 10.5 x 27 inches
(222 x 266 x 689 mm)
9.5 x 11.5 x 29 inches
(241 x 292 x 737 mm)

Winter Lesson Request

Please send us your lesson request and we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

Hover Wing Foil Board Size

Below is a rough guide to help determine Hover Wing Foil board size based on rider weight and skill level. A “beginner” rider is considered as someone with no previous board sport experience.

Keep in mind that additional factors, such as wind conditions, foil, and kite wing size will play an important role in the selection of the right board size.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend erring on the side of a more buoyant board with a volume that matches rider weight (for example, an 80kg rider will need at least an 80L board or larger). Riding a “sinker” will work in locations with steady, strong winds, while floatier boards prove to be a safer choice as they allow the rider to get back to shore even if the wind drops under a foilable limit.

40 L:
Not recommended for beginners or intermediate
Up to 70 kg for advanced/highly skilled riders

50 L:
Not recommended for beginners or intermediate riders
Up 75 kg for advanced/highly skilled riders

60 L:
Not recommended for beginners
Intermediate riders up to 45 kg
Advanced and highly skilled riders up to 85 kg

75 L:
Not recommended for beginners
Intermediate riders up to 55 kg
Advanced riders up to 90 kg

85 L:
For beginners up to 50 kg
Intermediate riders up to 70 kg
Advanced riders up to 100 kg

95 L:
For beginners up to 60 kg
Intermediate riders up to 80 kg
Advanced riders up to 105 kg

110 L:
For beginners up to 80 kg
Intermediate riders up to 95 kg
Advanced riders up to 115 kg

125 L:
For beginners up to 95 kg
Intermediate riders up to 105 kg
Advanced riders up to 130 kg

140 L:
For beginners up to 115 kg
Intermediate riders up to 125 kg
Advanced riders up to 160 kg