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In excellent condition having been used about 10 times. It has had one small repair in the canopy that can be seen from the photo.

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CONDITION: In excellent condition having been used about 10 times. It has had one small repair in the canopy that can be seen from the photo. 

The epic ENSIS Wing needs little introduction. ENSIS wings are taking the market by storm. Engineered in Switzerland and designed in Maui the wings are the culmination of thousands of R&D hours. Used and co-designed by team rider, Balz Muller, ENSIS are pushing the limits of what is possible in this new sport of wing foiling.

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Why ENSIS over others? Good question:

The ENSIS wing has been designed to be as light as possible but still be bullet proof strong. It’s stable to fly, powerful in the bottom end and controllable at top end. This wing can be used by everyone from the first timer to world pro and it’s naturally at home in waves, freeride or freestyle. With this wing you really can do anything, it will take you from your first go to wherever you want to go!

Build quality? It’s made by the Swiss..

The ENSIS wing has had every single aspect of its design and manufacture scrutinised. The material is the best on the market, Tejin 3×3 fabric from Japan. This high performance, strong and light material combined with the canopy make an extremely tough and light wing.

Key Features

No windows = no weak points. Windows were thought to be a good idea but the reality is that they don’t provide any additional safety, just a high stretch weak point in the canopy. Instead Ensis has chosen to offer their latest wing with no windows, and therefore no compromise!

The handles are made from highly resilient plasticised/EVA mixed fabric. There are three large handles which allows you to move your hands to exactly where you want to. As well as the three large handles there is a small handle where harness lines can be attached, should you want to. Handles connect you to the wing so it is super important that they are in the right place and made of the right material. Ensis has this covered!

The leading edge is reinforced in all connecting segments, and wing tips, with superior lightweight resilient material. These reinforcements prevent chafing on the tube and thus increase the wings lifespan.

The highest quality tube seams on the market! The seams of the leading edge and the struts are offset with a layer of insignia. The seams themselves are using a highly resilient threat that is specially made in the UK for Ensis. The quality of the seams, materials and reinforcements means that Ensis tubes can take extreme pressures of up too 9PSI, and that helps the wing to have maximum stability in its leading edge and struts.

Ensis wing wind range

About ENS!S

Balz Muller riding for Ensis in Malcesine Italy
Photo credit: Martina Orsini / Foiling Week

Based in Switzerland and up and coming in the wingfoil racing circuit. Co-designer and team rider, Balz Muller, came overall 3rd at the 2020 Wing Foil Italian Championship.

At ENS!S, everything revolves around watersports. We are “totally addicted” when it comes to gliding, styling and flying and when it comes to the performance of our products. Top freestylers, innovative developers and renowned designers develop the equipment with which you can perform “unlimited.”


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