SIC Raptor Wingfoil Package

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1 × SIC Raptor Wing Foil Board 5'0 (SL)
Add a board leash
Add a wing pump
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Ride the SIC RAPTOR Flite or Slash hydrofoil with the RAPTOR Wing Foil Board and RAPTOR wing for the ultimate wing foil package.

SIC Wingfoil Package Includes

  • A choice of Raptor foil
    • Flite 2000 (2000 Front Wing / 350 Stab / 72 T-Bar)
    • Flite 1500 (1500 Front Wing / 440 Stab / 82 T-Bar)
    • Slash 1300 (1300 Front Wing / 260 Stab / 92 T-Bar)
  • Raptor Wing Foil Board 5’0 (SL construction)
  • SIC Raptor wing (recommended 5m)

If you are looking for a different specification or set up then please get in touch to discuss alternative options.

Raptor Foils

The Raptor Flite base configuration is great for those getting started as well as advanced foilers. It offers superior lift, maneuverability, and control at low-speed. It tacks and jibes with ease. The thicker foil and longer chord lengths generate exceptional lift at low speeds and perform well in the bumps, small to mid-sized surf and SUP and wing foiling.

The Raptor Slash base configuration is designed for more advanced riders. It’s high-lift, low-drag design is efficient and capable of achieving high top-end speeds. You will glide faster and longer with this design. The Raptor Slash 1300 is responsive, stable and pumps exceptionally well, getting you through the smaller waves and lulls. This design is excellent for windsurf, wing and foiling down wind.

SIC Raptor foils are designed and configured with the finest materials available. The base, mast and fuselage assembly (T-Bar) are constructed with military-grade prepreg carbon as a monocoque construction. Compared to alloy counterparts, this T-Bar construction is extremely lightweight, rigid, and torque resistant. It eliminates electrolysis (saltwater corrosion) between the components.

The T-Bar is available in 72, 82 or 92 cm mast lengths, which all feature a 71 cm fuselage length. All front and rear wings, T-Bar and fuselage are interchangeable, allowing optimum equipment fine-tuning to accommodate your weight, riding style and riding conditions. The forged Carbon Mast Base has slotted open ends with 90mm spacing for rapid installation and break down. It is also extremely durable over time as the full carbon construction avoids any risk of electrolysis (saltwater corrosion) between different component materials.


Foil Front Wing Stabilizer T-Bar (Mast/Fuselage)
Flite 2000 2000 cm² 350 cm² 72cm / 71cm
Flite 1500 1500 cm² 440 cm² 82cm / 71cm
Slash 1300 1300 cm² 2600 cm² 92cm / 71cm

Raptor Wing Foil Board

The SIC Raptor wing foil board lifts off with ease due to its relatively low rocker. The rail chines reduce the chance of catching on touch-down while banking upwind, carving a jibe, or turning hard in the surf. This board is narrower than a SUP foil board because you have the power of the wing to generate stability, which comes from the forward momentum as you accelerate from a sitting or kneeling position. The board still has enough volume to start standing on your feet for the more advanced wing foiler. Add foot straps for the board for more power to the foil or if you intend to catch air. Read more

  • Length: 5’0
  • Width: 25″
  • Volume: 80L

SIC Raptor Wing

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The all-new SIC Raptor wing has been designed and rigorously tested by the team on Maui and Europe. Working in collaboration with sister company CORE Kiteboarding, a leader in kite design and technology, SIC is proud to introduce this series of performance wings.

SIC 2021 Raptor Wing

The wing’s leading edge utilizes our ultra-rigid, non-stretch, ExoTex® Dacron, which incorporates a unique thread structure and emulsion (protective coating) process that allows for a higher-pressure airframe and substantially increases tube strength and rigidity. The non-stretch Dacron improves airflow, flight stability and prevents seam bulging on the leading edge. Read more


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