AXIS S-Series All Round Foil

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Carbon Masts are PRE-ORDER only

All Round Front Wing
Rear Wing
Carbon Mast
Aluminium Mast
Only required for Aluminium Mast
Base Plate
Only required for Aluminium Mast
AXIS S Series Screwset
1 × AXIS Stainless Screwset & Toolset
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The AXIS S-Series All Round Foil set up is by far one of the best performers on the market today. The engineering, the stiffness on each connection point and the strength of the design, outperforms most other surf/sup/downwind/pump/wake/wind/kite foil on the market.

One of the best features of the S-Series is that all components are completely interchangeable. You can keep on adding different size masts, front wings, rear wings or fuselages as your style and skill level evolve. The modularity of the design, stiffness of each component and overall engineering makes the AXIS S-Series the ultimate foil for any style of riding.

No matter if you are riding monsters, downwind for miles, or pumping flat water pools, knee high bumps, or ride behind your wakeboat, windsurfer or kite, the AXIS Foils S-Series will do it all.

Not sure what you need or looking for a different set up? Get in touch to discuss alternative options.

AXIS S-Series All Round Foil includes:

AXIS Foils S Series 750 68 440

Doodad adapter and foil base plate only required for aluminium masts

Carbon Foil Masts are currently on PRE-ORDER only.

Carbon Front Wings in the All Round Series:

  • 1020mm – ideal for small bumps and heavier riders. Also, great for dock starts and pumping, stable and super easy to ride.
  • 920mm – the allround workhorse in our wing collection. Great for small to medium size bumps, stable and super easy to ride.
  • 900mm – a high performance, higher aspect front wing designed for speed. It takes a bit of effort to get it up and pumping, but when you do, you won’t believe the speed and side to side carving. Ideal for wake thieving and pumping with speed.
  • 820mm – faster and a bit surfier than its larger siblings. Great for medium+ size bumps, fast downwinders, and all round performance riding.
  • 750mm – a great wing for larger size bumps where agility and quick side to side carving is desired, as well as lighter riders.
  • 680mm – probably too small for SUP but an incredible SURF and kite wing. Fast and high performing for SURF, while slower and powdery feeling for KITE.

Carbon Rear Wings in the All Round Series:

  • 500mm Regular – super stable and easy to ride. We recommend for entry level or heavier riders.
  • 460mm HA Flat – a high aspect and flat profile makes this a fast rear wing and ideal for high performance downwinding.
  • 440mm Regular – the allround choice for any discipline and conditions. Loose enough to make your session interesting, while stable enough for pumping and pushing through.
  • 420mm High Aspect – fastest rear wing to date. The winglets provide good turning and carving control.
  • 400mm Regular – the carving specialist for even looser riding and quick carves and turns.
  • 390mm GAP – different to other rear wings, the 390 has an extensive flat section in the middle, with turned down tips. It’s a great compliment to carving front wings and adds a bit of extra glide and lift.
  • 370mm Regular – another carving specialist, it’s one of the most turny and performance orientated rear wings and best paired with the 750 or 680 front wing.
  • 340mm Regular – the smallest rear wing in the range and super loose. Recommended with the 680 front wing.

Fuselages in the All Round Series:

Available in multiple sizes for different types of riding – the longer the fuselage the more stable the ride / the shorter the fuselage the looser and quicker the turning.

  • Standard Fuselage – 765mm
  • Short Fuselage – 680mm
  • Ultra-Short Fuselage – 625mm
  • Crazy-Short Fuselage – 585mm

Aluminium Masts in the All Round Series:

AXIS masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any use and conditions. The masts are designed to give foilers a very direct feeling to their foil which is critical for foiling.

  • 105cm – great for big swell downwinders
  • 90cm – the choice of big wave enthusiasts and tow-ins, when combined with the S-Series 680 front wing. It’s also the choice of downwinder pros when competing in open ocean swell.
  • 82cm – the ultimate length if you find the 75cm just a bit too short and the 90cm slightly too long. Perfect for higher performance riding on Surf, tow-in, Wake, Pump, SUP, Wing or Kite.
  • 75cm – used on bigger surf, downwinders and more advanced riding with the S-Series foil.
  • 68cm – most common foil mast length for prone surf foiling and all round SUP.
  • 60cm – most common mast that you will start putting hours on. Some riders might never need a taller mast, depending on their style, local conditions or discipline.
  • 45cm – ideal for your first flights, while you are learning how to foil or in shallower waters.

Carbon Masts in the All Round Series:

AXIS Carbon composite foil masts featuring a progressive chord thickness and embedded mast plate. Snappier feel in carbon verses aluminium. No AXIS Doodad Fuselage/Mast adapter or Base Foil Plate is required with the Carbon Masts.

  • 76cm – perfect all round size for all foiling disciplines.
  • 86cm – FAST, snappy, stiff, and high performing. An ideal size for all foiling disciplines, unless you ride on shallow water.
  • 96cm – available by pre-order only – ETA 3 months.


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